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Mobile 24V energy supply

compact, light and powerful

The is a light, mobile energy supply for professional outdoor usage. Completely developed assembled and programmed in Germany. The product meets the highest quality standards while being completely silent vibration free and extreme rugged.

The is capable of delivering 5V to 24V depending on the chosen default, and can be charged with the following methods: Charging through the standard power adapter, with a 12V car charging cable or a solar panel. The is capable for stationary use as well as a mobile applications. Find more information in our Webshop.

Power Output: 300 Watt
Battery Capacity: 500 Wh
Weight: 8,7 kg
Dimensions: 47 x 36 x 19 cm (L x W x H)
Charging Options: 230 Power Adapter, Car-Charging Cable, Solar Cell
Charging time with 230V: Down to 2,5 h
Lithium-Ironphosphate-Battery:: Usage Temperature 0°C bis +45°C
MPPT-System: Use up to 95% of the Solar Energy
User Interface: Membrane keyboard

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