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230V – 1000W – 22kg – 1200Wh

The silent alternative to common generators

The SBOX is the powerful successor of common generators. Developed, produced and programmed in Germany, the SBOX PRO fulfils the highest quality standards, is silent, vibration-free, as well as CO2-neutral.

100% outdoor-capable

Due to its robust case, the integrated membrane and the optional IPP66 230V-socket the SBOX PRO is 100% water- and dustproof. Should the SBOX PRO ever drop into water, it will easily float on the surface.

Long battery life and powerful electronics

The SBOX PRO makes use of modern batteries and powerful electronics: four lithium iron phosphate batteries provide 1200 Watt-hours of power and a continuous power output of 1000W. An inverter, which temporarily allows for a power output of up to 200%, guarantees an undisturbed operation. Moreover, an optional integrated battery heating system provides a reliable power output and recharging of the SBOX PRO – even at extreme low temperatures.

Multiple charging options

The SBOX PRO can either be charged using a common power socket or the separate solar cell SOLAR PRO. The robust construction of the SOLAR PRO guarantees a maximum of independence. Moreover, the SBOX PRO can be charged on any 230V power socket, using the 200W battery charger. It is possible to always connect two battery chargers to the SBOX PRO at the same time, since it has two input sockets. This allows for a minimum charging time of just 3 hours.

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Benefits of the SBOX PRO

technical details



continuous output: 1000 W
battery capacity: 1200 Wh
weight: 22 kg
dimensions: 61 x 45 x 26 cm (l x w x h)
charging options: 230V-socket or solar panel SOLAR PRO
charging time 200W charger: 6 h / 3 h (1x 200W=6h, 2x 200W= 3h)
charging time SOLAR PRO: 2x 100 W = 6 h
battery management: active balancer
thermal management: battery heating & cooling
lithium iron phosphate battery: operation from -10°C to+45°C (without battery heating or cooling)
MPPT-system: use of up to 95% of solar energy
starting current: 150% up to 60 seconds
control: 1x button + 7” touch-display
transport: wheels, 3 handles and one extractable handle
accessories: In order to expand the functionality of the SBOX PRO there are several modules and accessories available



The outdoor-test

We let the SBOX PRO float in the Baltic Sea for 1 hour at a water temperature of 3°C.


The result of the SBOX PRO:






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Does the SBOX PRO match your area of application?

The following table provides you with an overview of operating times of different electrical devices when using the SBOX PRO as a power source. No charger (SOLAR PRO, etc.) is connected to the SBOX PRO in these instances. The operating times describe a continuous operation of the respective electrical device. Please note, that the power consumption of electrical devices always depends on the manufacturer’s specifications and has to be calculated individually.

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household and leisure

device applicable operating time
freezing cooling combination yes 24 hours
microwave yes 1 hour
vacuum cleaner < 1000 W yes 1 hour
PC yes 24 hours
TV yes 36 hours
washing machine depends on type, we are happy to advise you
hair dryer depends on type, we are happy to advise you 1 hour

trade and hobby

device applicable operating time
angle grinder/sander (125mm disc) yes 8 hours
floodlight LED 50 W yes 24 hours
hammer drill yes 4 hours
orbital sander yes 10 hours
compressor cooler yes 48 hours


device applicable operating time
projector yes 8 hours
stage floodlights LED (1 x) yes 100 hours
moving heads spot LED (1 x) yes 15 hours
photo booth yes  48 hours
music system 1000W yes 1 hour
refrigerator in counter operation yes 10 hours
WLAN router yes 24 hours

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